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what Phillip Seaton's experience means

as you may or may not have noticed, late last month our "justice" system failed to deliver any justice to a man wronged by our medical "care" system. the official version of what happened (what you'll read in the msm coverage such as http://abcnews.go.com/Health/jury-backs-doctor-penis-amputation-trial/story?id=14373288) is this: in 2007 Mr. Seaton want to Dr. John Patterson because his foreskin was suffering from inflammation and was told he needed a circumcision. during the operation, the surgeon thought the glans was cancerous and needed to be amputated immediately and did so. Mr. Seaton on waking was naturally horrified by this and sued the doctor. in august a jury concluded his suit was without merit because the consent form said the doctor could perform other surgery if life-threatening complications arose.

the official story has a number of glaring problems. the first is that circumcision is not a competent treatment for inflammation of the foreskin as any doctor outside the us would be quite aware. most likely Mr. Seaton was suffering from balanoposthitis (http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1124734-overview). again, something any competent doctor would be aware of. obviously Dr. John Patterson wasn't. the proper treatment involves medication, not surgery. so the surgery is grounds for legal action regardless of the outcome. the doctor's claim that the glans "had the appearance of rotten cauliflower" would most likely be due to the untreated infection, not cancer. lastly, the clause in the consent form properly applies to immediately fatal complications, not suspected risks with no immediate chance of fatality.

there is no valid reason the surgery could not have been put off until consent could be obtained, and most likely no valid reason for the surgery at all.

it is too late for Mr. Seaton. the tissue in question has been disposed of, so proving that it wasn't cancer is impossible. but uncircumcised men in the us pay heed to these lessons to avoid ending up like him.

1. your doctor may be incompetent regarding treatment of problems with your foreskin.

2. do not agree to circumcision as a cure for foreskin problems without doing your own research
and getting a 2nd opinion. it seldom is, and when it is there are usually alternatives.

3. before signing consent forms, ensure any language you don't like is crossed out and

4. don't count on any justice if you suffer malpractice by a doctor incompetent in foreskin care.


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