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on 3rd party voting

as i am beyond tired of going over the facts again and again with people who either don't or won't understand why voting 3rd party will not work and will do nothing but repeat 2000 -- that is, handing victory to the republicans, i am going to restate them here one more time and refer to this entry when necessary.

fact: the florida vote count went to the scotus because of the extremely small margin of victory of 1784.

fact: only 2.31% of florida voters voted 3rd party.

fact: 48.85% of florida voters voted republican. 48.84% voted democrat.

fact: 2.31% of the total florida vote turnout was 137,666.

fact: the number of votes wasted on 3rd party voting was *77 times* the margin that caused the scotus to become involved.

fact: if nader had given his votes to the dems, gore would have won because a margin of 137,666 would not have been disputable.

fact: the 3rd party vote share for any presidential election in 100 years has been in the single digits. go look it up.

fact: 3rd party share in the single digits is not going to become 48.85 or anything even close to it in one election cycle. it is a STATISTICAL IMPOSSIBILITY. denying this fact is simply stupid.

fact: voting for ron paul or any other 3rd party candidate in 2012 will cause the same thing to happen again.

fact: 3rd party voting *cannot* cause 3rd party candidate to win. it can and will cause the dems to lose and the republicans win because the margin of victory is a hundredth of a percentage point and those 3rd party votes will tip the scales against the dems by 2.31%.

deal with the facts or don't. but i will be blocking people who continue to ignore them. the country paid a terrible price for nader's egomania and it cannot afford to pay a similar price for ron paul's. i have no more patience for people too stubborn or stupid to help avoid it from happening.

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